D'fintecTM Launched D'coinTM and Closed ICO successfully Hard Cap Achieved

D’FintecTM is bringing together a revolutionary open API crypto currency platform named D'Crypt© to eliminate many existing complexities of trading in the real world through its in-house algorithmic analysis of the complex world of crypto coins and exchanges, and narrowing it down to identify the top 10 to invest in. It takes out the brokers, the intermediary traders and middlemen and democratizes the usage of the platform on a blockchain and decentralizes usage through smart contracts.

About Our Company

D’Fintec™ Global Pte. Ltd.

D’Fintec™ Global Pte. Ltd. is a Singaporean registered company which is a company with over 16 years’ experience in the Information Technology sector. From the founders of the well-known D&D Group of Cambodia, known for accelerating international startups and pioneering mainstream services for large MNCs in new, emerging markets, time and opportunity aligned for D’Fintec to pioneer in the Fintech sector, in particular bringing break through trading algorithms in trading software mobile applications using blockchain technology in the cryptocurrency market.


D’Fintec™ has provided technological support across varied spectrums in multiple industry sectors including Telecomms, Banking, F&B, Agriculture, Energy and Gaming to name a few. D’Fintec is foraying into the complex world of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies for the very first time and will be pioneering and piloting a new ICO with its very own crypto coin called D’Coin™.


They strive to be the first in the world to offer an analytical platform which acquires and assimilates ground breaking new algorithms that will automatically analyze the numerous coins and exchanges in the world and subsequently shortlist a select few high-performing coins and exchanges for its members to trade with.


The platform known as D’Crypt™ decentralizes and democratizes otherwise traditional interactions with cryptocurrency trading platforms by creating a revolutionary, intuitive new platform that puts trading power and potential at the fingertips of its clients, regardless of how inexperienced they may or may not be in cryptocurrency trading.


Eliminating the need for intermediary advisors, brokers and traders, thereby personalizing the whole experience from start to finish, D’Crypt™ will disrupt the trading paradigm yet still provide maximum transparency in the process.

The leadership team is made up of experienced leaders and experts in the financial services, legal, and IT and programming sectors across the full spectrum of commercial industries in South East Asia, APAC and India. With over 100 years of C-Level experience collectively from Australia, the USA and Europe, the core team are strong proponents of decentralized ledgers and secure, peer-to-peer interactions, and are pioneers eager to thrive in the new crypto economy.



  • Dibyendu Paittnaik


    Dibyendu Paittnak has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, having cofounded several startups. Inspired by finding new ways to combine technology, innovation and new disruptive business pratices, Dibyendu has put his creative thinking at the service of many sectors such as Insurance and IT. He was the founder of IT Edu Hub in South East Asia as well as accomplished executing several projects in the Insurance and Banking sectors when he was based in Singapore. Dibyendu is now focused on being a thought leader in the application of blockchain technology to the various sectors of industry he has been a pillar in in South East Asia and will lend invaluable experience to the Board of D'Fintec Global Pte Ltd and our initial Dçoin offering and the direction of the Dçrypt platform.

  • Debasish Pattnaik


    Debasish Paittnak (Founder) has been involved in accelerating startup growth at an international level – having Co-founded, advised, and developed several startups from conception to successful exits. One of the main founders behind D'Fintec Global Pte Ltd he will be sharing his valuable business and government networks as well as 21 years of knowledge of business development with Dfintec.io to guide and set goals by the Board to achieve the successful delivery of the project. Having been an entrepreneur for more than 21 years in industries ranging from Telecoms, Banking, Investment Banking and M&As across the South East Asian region, Debasish will now apply all his experience to the cryptocurrency environment. A cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2014, he looks forward to applying his passion for business innovation and technology to fulfill his ambitions to contribute a significant role to the cryptoeconomy withthe launchofD’Coin (DCO).

  • Bernard Lang

    Bernard Lang has been working for the last 12 years with EFGN & SW and comes with a rich experience of banking and securities trading, fund management and investment Banking in his global consulting roles after 40 plus years in the industry. Bernard specialized in real estate banking and finance and has and maintains presently his role as Director Asia desk fund management since 2005. Bernard has advised and helped dozens of startups in creation, funding or acquisition stages of their life cycle and is an integral part of the early fund-raising a well as the ICO process of D’Coin (DCO) and will continue to lead the financial aspects of the platform’s development and business planning as well advise on KYC and AML and also European jurisdictional regulatory requirements as they evolve. Being an entrepreneur and investment banker with over 40 years experience he will be sharing his business acumen with D'Fintec Global Pte Ltd providing a deep level of international financial experiencerare in the cryptoeconomycurrently.


  • Dah Lee

    With 25 plus years of experience in the real world of selfowned businesses from concept creation, startup and operations to successful exit strategies, Lee has been an iconic figure in New Zealand in the 80’s and 90’s in the hospitality industry as well as fashion. He ventured into tech startup w AR company skignz and now is operating in the world of blockchain and the cryptoeconomy. An early observer of the cypherpunk movement and the birth of blockchain and Bitcoin, Lee’s experiences range from financial design, international trade, operational architecture and systems design and implementation, Augmented Reality tech startup and general business management at international level. Lee is now fully immersed in the ICO and cryptocurrency and cryptoeconomy ecosystem. He leads a dynamic team for the launch of D'Coin (DCO) and D’Crypt’s® ICO. Lee is also recognized for his business achievements by the invitation only membership of KEA World Class New Zealander Group He is the founding and Chair of the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia


  • Dah Lee, CEO

    Lee possess management experience at international level including CEO of a US$1 billion private companies launch into Australia and New Zealand as well as working with the leading Public companies in Australia and New Zealand. His experience in building businesses from ground up to 250+staff both for his own enterprise and for USbased Venture Cap groups has given him valuable experience in international operating standards and best practice business methodology in Financial reporting, HE, project management, marketing and internal and external stakeholder relationship building. Lee now has assembled a best in field group of C-Level operators each in their own respective fields to build the culture and team to take D'Fintec to its end journey of delivering the D'Crypt® platform and insuring the product is relevant and engaging to build user growth over the coming mid-term to satisfy token holders needs and expectations as well as position D'Fintec to be a major player in the blockchain and cryptoeconomy globally – with anASEAN centric focus.

  • David Pearson, CFO

    David brings to D'Fintec over 45 years of accounting and financial experience. Educated in New Zealand, David has been a recognized figure as a partner in various top tiered mid-sized accounting firms in New Zealand prior to creating his own sole practice catering to high wealth individuals – David moved to Cambodia in 2010 where hesoon became the CFO of the largest conglomerate in the country ROYAL GROUP and acted as their CFO for 3 years. David’s experience spans Fintech, M&A, Energy, Telecoms, Media, Airlines, Petroleum, and IT amongst others. David was also one of New Zealand’s premier Franchise consultants during the 90’s and continues to be sought after for his knowledge in structuring deals. David will be D'Fintec’s consulting Financial Controller with the interim focus on establishing transparency, timely reporting and also succession planning for a new FC in the mid term..


  • Adolf D’Silva, CTO

    Adolf D’Silva is a professional software developer with more then 5years of experience in the fintech payment industry. Adolf has developed Banking solutions at AGS and Hitachi Payments. He has also developed mobile Point Of Sale solutions in AGS and worked on complex in house Banking Switches in Hitachi Payments which provides POS services to more than 5000 SBI POS Terminals. Adolf possess in depth knowledge on encrypting and hashing algorithms

    Udacity – ​Android Developer Nanodegree Mumbai University in India. ​Bachelors in Engineering May 2017 June 2012

    Java, Android, Swift, iOS Frameworks / Libraries: Android UI, iOS SDK, Firebase, Retrofit, Swift HTTP Almofire Other: Git / GitHub, Linux, Shell Script.

    A blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2015 has been involved in blockchain technology and is now leading the blockchain development at D’Fintec Group Pte Ltd.


  • Hugo Servellon, COO

    Hugo Servellon has extensive experience in supervising large teams of IT professionals. His extensive experience with startups and large legacy institutional companies gives D’Fintec deep experience with rapid growth adaptation and team development. A professional software developer with more than over 15 years of experience working for the Telecom Industry . Performing in different domains : OSS, VAS and IP. Carrying out successfully and with flexibility different projects in different regions of the world . Hugo is an asset to our startup and end vision of establishing D’Fintec as a significant entity in the fintech space in the South East Asian regionover the comingmonthsandyears.



  • Mark Lewis

    Founder and Chair of Singapore Internet Entertainment International Plc Mark has been active in the crypto-economy in China for the last 20+ years. He has worked with some of the highest profile ICO and exchanges in China until regulatory changes in September 2017 required Mark to relocate his operations. He is the founder of Blockchaincasino and CTPmall Diggital Asset Exchange and has been successfully investing in Crypto for over 15 years.

  • Daniel Wein

    Daniel is currently head of the financial legal advisory team including cryptocurrency advisory in Cambodia for leading regional law firm DFDL. Daniel’s areas of expertise include mergers & acquisitions, banking & finance, securities law, personal property securities law and insolvency, commercial law and commercial property. He holds an LL.B and a B.A. (Victoria University, Wellington, NZ). He previously spent 4 years as a Partner in the Law firm of Stace Hammond in Auckland New Zealand where his areas of expertise included: Mergers and Acquisitions, Banking and Finance, Securities Law, Personal Property Securities Law and Insolvency, Commercial Law, Commercial Property (leasing; due diligence; acquisition).


  • Albert Wollen

    Wall Street banker with over 35 years of experience in IPOs, M&A and Private Equity with positions of Syndicate Manager, Vice President, Executive Vice President, and Director of Capital Markets with Lewellyn Securities, Belleview, Washington; Burr Wilson, San Francisco, California; and Ladenburg, Thalmann & Co., New York, New York. At Ladenburg managed over one hundred IPO’s on the New York Stock Exchange the NASDAQ Exchange and the London Stock Exchange while also a founding member of Notre Capital, a Private Equity Firm in Houston, Texas and a Partner in Raintree Capital, a merchant bank, Wollen has been CEO of ENSR Corporation and Samaritan Pharmaceuticals, both publicly listed companies in the USA. In Asia for the past twelve years and residing in Vientiane, Lao PDR ands presently Financial Advisor to Lao Skyway, a State Owned Enterprise; CEO Summit Tours and Partner InvesThor Co., Ltd., Korea centric investment bank.


  • Renata George

    Besides operating a venture fund, Renata makes venture capital education more accessible and works on advancing women in the industry. "Diversity is like charity: if you're really into it, you don't talk about it much.” An entrepreneur - turned angel investor - turned VC. Co-author of a study course on venture capital and entrepreneurship (2014) - Author of “The Manual For Finding A Perfect Mentor For Entrepreneur” (2013) - Advisory Board Member at 500 Startups Fund (2013) - Seen on Forbes USA "The Top Women in Venture Capital and Angel Investing" (2012) - Invited as an Expert of Analytic Center under The Government of Russia on issues: National innovation system design, Integration of the Eurasian economic system, Russian international financial center, Development of competitive markets (2011) - Advisor to The Federal Agency on Youth Affairs of Russia (20102012) - USAID invited keynote speaker and program participant (2011-2012)


Expert Advisory

  • Senath Fernand

    Experienced Chief Executive, Visionary Entrepreneur and Investor (Financial Services, Distributed & High Performance Systems), Executive and Entrepreneur. Specialties: distributed systems architecture, agile development.

  • Eric Ong

    Eric Ong is an experienced and passionate lifestyle trader, investment strategist, public speaker & trainer. He has more than 10 years of experience in investment trading, specialized in US Stock Markets, FOREX, Gold, Options and especially Contract for Difference (CFD). Founder, Director, Speaker, Trainer, ICO Advisor and Author of the best selling book Bitcoin Insights Shadow Banking



  • Gaurav Raul -Director of


    Gaurav Raul is currently Head of Business Development for D&D Group and Director of Communications for D Fintec Global Pte Ltd. Trained in Business Information Systems in Canada, he has followed Cryptocurrency and kept a close interest in Blockchain technology, Smart Contracts and Server Security. Prior to his career at D&D, Gaurav was involved in Agricultural Field Consulting, Financial Management and Audit and Internal Risk Management at KPMG in his early career.


  • Sopheak Song

    PR and Relationship Manager


  • Art Moon

    Art has been involved in online marketing, social media marketing and sales strategies for many years. Art studied Marketing at Texas U and is an American Korean now part of the D’Fintec teamArt has been involved in online marketing, social media marketing and sales strategies for many years. Art studied Marketing at Texas U and is an American Korean now part of the D’Fintec team



  • Kimleng Lim

    Senior blockchain developer


  • Sothea Se – Web Developer

    Sothea Se is a daring trader in the emerging world of cryptocurrencies. He is an accomplished coder and in multiple programming languages. Sothea Se established the AML/KYC guidelines for us and is an avid fan of trading using blockchain technology. He has a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the Royal University of Phnom Penh and experience at major technology firms.

  • Chenda Touch

    Senior Financial Management Officer Chenda is an experienced financial and accounting professional and leads our accounting and financial reporting team

  • Christian Navida

    Director – AVP and MVP Christian has been creating infographics and arfter effect as well as editing and final cut of several significant corporate videos. He leads our creative team.Director – AVP and MVP Christian has been creating infographics and arfter effect as well as editing and final cut of several significant corporate videos. He leads our creative team.


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