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D’Fintec™ Global Pte. Ltd. is a Singaporean registered company which is a company with over 16 years’ experience in the Information Technology sector. From the founders of the well-known D&D Group of Cambodia, known for accelerating international startups and pioneering mainstream services for large MNCs in new, emerging markets, time and opportunity aligned for D’Fintec to pioneer in the Fintech sector, in particular bringing break through trading algorithms in trading software mobile applications using blockchain technology in the cryptocurrency market.


D’Fintec™ has provided technological support across varied spectrums in multiple industry sectors including Telecomms, Banking, F&B, Agriculture, Energy and Gaming to name a few. D’Fintec is foraying into the complex world of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies for the very first time and will be pioneering and piloting a new ICO with its very own crypto coin called D’Coin™.


They strive to be the first in the world to offer an analytical platform which acquires and assimilates ground breaking new algorithms that will automatically analyze the numerous coins and exchanges in the world and subsequently shortlist a select few high-performing coins and exchanges for its members to trade with.


The platform known as D’Crypt™ decentralizes and democratizes otherwise traditional interactions with cryptocurrency trading platforms by creating a revolutionary, intuitive new platform that puts trading power and potential at the fingertips of its clients, regardless of how inexperienced they may or may not be in cryptocurrency trading.


Eliminating the need for intermediary advisors, brokers and traders, thereby personalizing the whole experience from start to finish, D’Crypt™ will disrupt the trading paradigm yet still provide maximum transparency in the process.

The leadership team is made up of experienced leaders and experts in the financial services, legal, and IT and programming sectors across the full spectrum of commercial industries in South East Asia, APAC and India. With over 100 years of C-Level experience collectively from Australia, the USA and Europe, the core team are strong proponents of decentralized ledgers and secure, peer-to-peer interactions, and are pioneers eager to thrive in the new crypto economy.

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